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We are PolicyGarage, a public policy innovation network.

Hand in hand with Japanese local municipalities and citizens, PolicyGarage designs effective, human-centered policies, shares the joy of creating a better society,  and expands the circle of the like-minded across Japan.  Our partners include Hokkaido Government, Izumi City of Kagoshima Prefecture, Okinawa Public Health Association, and Graduate School of Public Policy of the University of Tokyo.

Local Prefectural Governments
Individual Members

PolicyGarage provides all of those who aspire to build a better society with a place to gain knowledge, put it into practice, and forge partnerships.

People with various backgrounds have joined PolicyGarage, seeking for new ideas, opportunities to take up challenges, and a trusted circle of professionals. With the main members being local government officials who are making strenuous efforts on the front lines, central government officials, public-minded people in the private sector and academia, students, NPOs, and local citizens join the circle, bringing about unexpected ideas and achievements.

Learn Together

We offer participatory learning opportunities, including monthly workshops, online seminars, and capacity building programs. Participants can gain cutting-edge and practical knowledge together with diverse members.

Create Together

We apply various methods, critically assess what the right questions are that count, visualize ideas, and design services. Making full use of both right and left brain, we chart out new solutions with all stakeholders concerned.

Implement Together

We take up challenges to address a variety of issues such as poverty alleviation, disease prevention and health promotion, better education, and eco-friendly community building on the front lines across Japan. We evaluate the outcomes of our activities using scientific data whenever possible and make strenuous efforts to find better solutions.

Make Progress Together

We willingly share our outcomes and knowledge for the wider benefit of the society. You can access cutting-edge knowledge no matter where you live, expand your network in the process of finding and trying out better solutions, and make progress together via PolicyGarage.

Our Approach

We apply behavioral sciences, design thinking, and evidence-based policy making to address policy issues.

The diverse members of PolicyGarage team up with the people of local governments who are on the front lines and find solutions together.

Hirokazu Tsuda

Behavioral Science Team|Government officer

Minami Nagasawa

Organization Management Team | Local Government Officer / Yokohama City Behavior Design Team Deputy Representative

Ken Moriyama

Behavioral Science Team | K-three Inc. Director / GovTech Business Manager

We have many messages

In the online training for staff members held in February this year, we heard comments from staff members who took the course that they wanted to learn more about it and be able to put it into practice.

Shinichi Shiinoki|Mayor of Izumi City, Kagoshima Prefecture

Newsletter and Online Community

You are welcome to subscribe to PolicyGarage Newsletter, which will send out information on upcoming events, the latest articles, and other new activities of PlociGarage on a regular basis. You can also join our Facebook group, where you can exchange information and expand your network as a member of the PolicyGarage community.


We will handle your personal information with utmost security. We will not share your information with third parties without your permission. For the handling of personal information, please refer to our privacy policy.