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About PolicyGarage

The transistor radio, personal computer, and search engine.  All of such innovations that enrich our livelihood were born in a garage.  Innovation is fostered in a culture in which people are not bound by authority or “common sense” and are encouraged to have a great vision, think freely, and take up new challenges.  Innovation is nurtured in a group whose members share the same passion and dream.  Such a culture and group environment are exactly what we need to achieve better outcomes in public affairs.  That is why we named our organization PolicyGarage: our goal is to bring a better society with “policies” and the “garage” spirit.

Our Mission

Hand in hand
with Japanese local municipalities and citizens, PolicyGarage designs effective, human-centered policies, shares the joy of creating a better society, and expands the circle of the like-minded across Japan.

Local municipalities play an important role in supporting each and every citizen’s livelihood by implementing public policies on the front lines.  Yet it is challenging to fulfill such a role alone.  Therefore, PolicyGarage puts a priority on local municipalities and provides them with skilled and experienced supporters whom they may not be able to secure on their own.  By bridging the deep chasm among local municipalities, the central government, academia, private businesses, NPOs, and citizens, we aim to achieve “open innovation” in the field of policymaking.

In the process of realizing a better livelihood and community for citizens, it is our vital mission to help people rediscover the joy of engaging in policymaking and public affairs and expand the circle of the like-minded across Japan.

Our Value

Act Locally, Think Globally

PolicyGarage works side by side with those who are striving on the front lines to achieve our shared goal.  We learn from the world’s latest findings and widely share our knowledge to address global challenges.

Warm Heart, Cool Head

Empathy is the primary principle underlying our actions.  At the same time, we make persistent efforts to improve the quality of our outcomes by adopting a data-driven and evidence-based approach.

One Team

Working as a team makes the impossible possible.  That is why PolicyGarage aims to nurture a working environment and human relationship in which individual strengths are respected and each and every individual can unleash his/her potential.

Our Story

From YBiT to

PolicyGarage originates from Yokohama Behavioral Insights and Design Team (YBiT), which was established in February 2019.  The mission of YBiT is to drive innovation in the policymaking field and enable policymakers to work with excitement and spark by applying behavioral insights (BI) and evidence-based policymaking (EBPM).  Those who share its mission joined YBiT from approximately 100 organizations including central-government ministries/agencies, research institutions, and private entities, with local governments being the main participants.

2019.02|The establishment of YBiT


2019.05|The first meeting with Professor David Halpern

世界初のナッジユニットBehavioral Insights Teamを率いるデイビッド・ハルパーン代表に、YBiTのアドバイザーに就任いただき、日本の地方自治体にナッジを普及する方法について指南を受けました。

2019.12|YBiT being named as Nudge Ambassador by the Government of Japan



2021.01|The establishment of PolicyGarage


NPO Overview

Organization Name

Policy Garage


Date of Establishment

January 25, 2021




Information Disclosure


Articles of Incorporation


Donate to the organization

Rakuten Bank, Branch No: 253 Account No: 7100225


Major clients

Hokkaido Government, City of Izumi, Kagoshima Prefecture, Okinawa Prefecture Public Health Association, University of Tokyo Graduate School of Public Policy


Representative Director, Hirokazu Tsuda

Director, Yuta Takahashi

Director, Jun Fukuyoshi

Director, Ken Moriyama

Director, Naoki Hashimoto

Director, Arata Shimizu

Supervisor, Hideo Yokoyama

Supervisor, Daisuke Sakuraba

Oyama Kohei

Miwa Nagasawa

Asuka Katsuyama